5 Tips on Making Golf More Fun

After playing golf one day a few years ago, Barney Adams, founder of Adams Golf, realized he hadn't had much fun during the round. He played in perfect conditions and on an excellent course. But he didn’t enjoy it. So he did some research. That's when he discovered that the number of golfers playing in the United States was the same as that in 1990. That sounded crazy. After all, the game was more popular than ever.

After thinking about this for a while, Adams concluded that the stewards of the game were taking the fun out of the game by creating longer courses with tee locations most weekend golfers have no business playing from. Adams did more research. That generated this insight: Tour players hit the ball on average 90 yards further per hole—70 yards off the tee and 20 yards with the irons—than the average amateur. And that was a conservative estimate.

That’s when he came up with the idea for Tee It Forward, our first golf tip on how to make the game more fun. Here’s what Tee It Forward is all about:

Here are four other ideas on how to have more fun playing golf:

These five ideas will make playing golf more fun for you. After all, isn’t that what playing this game is all about in the end—not shooting low scores or cutting strokes from your golf handicap? So if you happen to have any ideas on how to make the game more fun, contribute them to Hack Golf. Further information available at: http://www.no1golfresource.com/modern-golf-swing-fundamentals-for-beginners and http://www.no1golfresource.com/golf-handicap-calculator